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This is a site dedicated to Power Yoga with fresh dynamic content about Power Yoga specifically as a style of Yoga. Here I just want to offer a lot of information about vigorous  Yoga a link to some places to actually practice Power Yoga, free online Yoga download classes so you can watch some Yoga positions, and Some History and Lineage of Ashtanga and or Power Yoga.

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Here is a picture of me Steven "Earth" Metz in Mayurasana Yoga position. This was taken in Los Angeles California just after my return from India. Hence why the ribs are showing so much. It was lots of fun but tough to keep the weight on due to an almost complete vegetarian diet which I was eating at that time.

Though it is true that if the universe is infinite than you are always in the center. It still is always nice to return to home.

History of this lineage or Power Yoga

You really have to go back to the roots of Indian culture to find the history of this form. Though it is a distant relative of the classic Indian posture sequences of Mysore, the basis of most Power Yoga sequences comes from one man: Krishnamacharya.

Though there is some controversy over the History of Power Yoga posture sequences and origin, it is said they were written on grape leaves hundreds of years ago. The bottom line is Krishnamacharya born in 1888 taught B.K.S Iyengar as well as some of the teachers I studied with: B.N.S Iyengar and Pattabhi Jois of Mysore India then Brought to the west by western teachers, Tim Miller is the one that I know was one of the first if not the first certified teacher of Ashtanga Yoga which forms the basis for many of the posture sequences of Power Yoga Classes.

In his book Health, Healing and Beyond T.K.V. Desikachar Kirshnamacharyas Son traces his grandparents lineage back to Nathamuni who lived around the 10th century and the more recent Parakala Math Tirupathi, India established around the 14th Century.

What are the basic benefits of Power Yoga? Increased strength, flexibility, stamina and a balanced peaceful state of mind.

If Want to Download some full Classes go to our Yoga Download Videos page. We also offer some free Vigorous Power Yoga Videos online through Youtube for you to sample.

I have studied Kundalini Yoga, Hatha Yoga, Iyengar, Bikram, Raja Yoga, Bhakti Yoga etc.... Power Yoga is one of the most scientifically based forms of Yoga that exists. It is not superstitious or overly religious, and it is an outstanding exercise regimen and makes you feel great. Yoga in all forms serves a purpose however Power Yoga combines a workout and a meditation practice all in one.

My basis for all this information will mainly come from some of the latest books on the subject and practicing Yoga for over twenty years andd teaching for over fifteen. My study of the human body is not just from books and medical journals but also from the fact that I lead a very active lifestyle, and have injured many parts of my body from activities such as Kitesurfing, Cycling, and Rock climbing. I have consistently healed these injuries through Yoga. I make my living solely from teaching Yoga.

The Gong Meditation originates from a Amritsar, a Northern Indian region through the Lineage of Yogi Bhajan. At the end of every class we have a Gong Meditation. Not all Power Yoga classes have this many have a silent meditation in Savasana Yoga Positions. The best way to describe it is blissful. You lay down for ten minutes while the teacher plays a large symphonic gong. The sound resonates through your entire body and just clears out any remnants of tension or stress. It one of the best tools I have found for people that have difficulty meditating. It is almost an induced meditation. The sound is so powerful and after you have worked out so hard, you almost cant avoid going into deep meditation.

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